Program 6 Weeks

Are you ready to become a Powerhouse Entrepreneur?

The Powerhouse Brand System is developed for those who lack clarity. It’s for those who are unsure how to bring their vision to fruition and held hostage by confusion.

Confusion leaves some afraid to make the necessary leaps, and leads to nervousness about getting “out there” unprepared. Confusion then translates to fear so it holds you back, over analyzing every aspect of when to start, how to start, and if you should even start. This program will help you gain clarity and confidence.

This program is perfect for future and existing entrepreneurs who seek to expand their business. Those who need more systems to scale their business to elevate their income. This program is about multiplying your personal productivity with proven systems by developing products, packages, and services to leverage your business. Ultimately we will upgrade your image, branding and online presence. We want to help you access the path of profitability for ultimate success.


  • Powerology 101
  • Clarity
  • Brand Idenity
  • Niche Audience Marketing
  • Power of Visabiltiy
  • Levergaging
  • Digital Branding
  • Sales Physcology

Option One
Pay in Full $997.50 – Save $100


Option Two
(Deposit of $365.67) + two additional payments every 30 days of $365.67
(Total with $100 financing $1,097)



Profitable Speaker – $497

This course is for someone who is passionate about his or her mission and message, but hasn’t been able to monetize their message at the level they desire. They’re likely already in business doing some media, blogging, or have written a book. They might even have an existing coaching or consulting program but know they’re ready to book some speaking engagements. This course will show them how to package their story and book paid speaking opportunities.

Course: Own Pace