I heard this saying so much growing up, and although I understood it’s meaning it never applied to me until about the past seven years or so. I think there are two general outlooks people can have– nobody and nothing is original, or everyone is original to some degree because everyone is created differently.

I like to look at myself as a trailblazer. I do whatever is in my heart; I have over a million ideas that keep me up at night. I’m full of visions, business, books and so forth. As much as it is a blessing it can often be a burden if it’s not balanced. The downfall of being an entrepreneur is you don’t have a 9-5 you literally have a 24/7 hence why I’m writing this at 1am. As a “Trailblazer/Visionary” it’s difficult to keep your ideas protected especially these days living in a social media crazed world. Most artists are fighting, stealing, manipulating, backstabbing and etc. all to get to what they call “the top” This hustle hard mentality soon develops into a lack of integrity. There are more counterfeits, fictitious, pretentious, imitators than originators.

In 2009 I was very new to the publishing world, I just wanted my story, my voice to be heard. I sent my book to countless shows and organizations, you name it I probably tried it. With just shy of a month of sending it to one particular show I watched a segment regarding my submission Idea… Oh, the hurt I felt, and no it wasn’t a coincidence. (Some details spared for legal reasons) I know some of you right now can relate to this very thing. It happens. (Dog-eat-dog) This very thing happened a few times that year. I didn’t understand then the proper protocol and even that most ideas are not protected unless trademarked or copy written depending on the material. These days there is a loop-hole out of everything. You see most public figures or celebrities have teams working for them hunting, scouting and searching for brilliant ideas to give them and the smaller you are in their eyes they feel they’re off limits and you are well out of they’re reach. (Dog-eat-dog) So much went on that year and I decided at that moment to relax. I believed all things would come full circle in due time. I was however disappointed but I understood the power of creditability and celebrity and unfortunately these people had more than I. I wasn’t chasing fame or “the top” my determination was to have my VOICE to be heard to tell the story in my heart. That’s what it has always been about. I went on pursing my purpose without trying to make these mainstream connections. I tried to reach my community and women within my community. I would go on my lunch breaks to talk to women help them with their visions, I would share any and all information I had. I went on helping a woman and in return everything that I showed one particular woman she then turned that information into a profit for herself. She packaged up my knowledge and sold it to others. Oh, the shock!! The despair, the anger that I felt! I mean, it was in a way brilliant. But, undermining to say the least. I thought to myself. (Dog-eat-dog) Where is the etiquette?
1) Shouldn’t she have asked?
2) Couldn’t we have worked together? (I believe there is power in numbers)
3) Am I that naïve?
You would think that after this moment I would have learned my lesson. Keep my mouth shut–don’t over share. NOPE!! I went on and although my instincts said no, I went against them and pursed someone who I thought I could make a Powerful statement with and well long story short, they couldn’t handle it. In return they worked overtime to put together my formula for themselves. Which leaves me to ask, why do people who don’t like you or have so much jealous towards you follow you on social media? Boldly, ask you questions privately but discredit you publicly. (Interesting) “My answer is, because you inspire them!! Yet instead of them following their “truth” they follow the purist of copying. They lack originality; in their mind they see you as competition. You’re in a race you knew nothing about. I’m convinced nothing is off limits. I’ve had things taken right up under my nose even by so-called mentors. (Dog-eat-dog) Since everything is free gain and everyone is so inspired by one another works. What can we do? Well, I’ve chosen to simply NOT care & live by these words,

My advice to you “Trailblazers” is this:
• Just do you, no matter how and what they copy, what is for you will be for you.
• Follow the story in your heart; whatever makes your soul feel good do that.
• PRAY then PROCEED with business ideas and etc.
• PRAY for God connections.
• Press on Fearlessly (Your Ideas will never run dry)

*Remember the enemy will always use something to get you off track. Endure…. The race is not given to the swift or the strong but those who endure to the end.

To those copycat’s who lack etiquette.
• Pray for your own Ideas.
• Understand that you can’t compete with Purpose.
• Manipulating and Imitating is not cute.
• ASK, ASK, ASK, it’s just common courtesy, if you for sure know that you are taking from someone just ask. Do you plan on doing x, y, & z with (this or that) would you mind if I use x, y, or z.
• Partner, maybe you could be of assistants or shed light on their idea. There is POWER in numbers. When you learn how to work together.

*Remember, comparison is the thief of joy, you can’t truly be happy if you’re constantly comparing and competing.
There is enough room on this earth for everyone to be successful and for everyone to help one another. It’s not going to take away from you to credit or help someone else. Stop tripping, climbing, pulling, stealing, cheating, and competing with one another; it’s too much identify theft going on. Work together, Be YOURself!! You best you– is inside of you! FIND IT!

Written with truth and love!
Aisha Curry
Your Powerologist, Master Life Coach, & Publishing Expert.
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