Positioned for Royalty: Aligning Your Life & Purpose!

Book Review:

This was an awesome and inspiring book to read. There were many “Ah Ha” moments that pushed me to focus on the inner me and ultimately on the future me. It’s a well written and easy read book. The author engages you with using her own life stories as examples of what she is trying to convey to the reader. I give this book two thumbs up for anyone that is trying to find themselves or trying to fugure out what steps to take unleash their power. – Amazon Verified Purchased

Pretty For a Black Girl
Pretty For a Black Girl!

Book Review:

Pretty can be a loaded term. “Pretty for a Black Girl: Compliment or Insult?” are the reflections of Aisha Curry as she presents her own thoughts of ideas on the fate of young womankind of all races and creed. There’s an innate prejudice in all of us she writes, and the only way to overcome it is to face it head on. “Pretty for a Black Girl” is of recommended reading for any young woman who wants to be more than just a pretty face. – Midwest Book Review

The MisEducation of Love
The Miseducation of Love

Book Review:

This was a great perspective on how women have been “trained” on receiving love. A lot of what we see is based on the wrong thing and it is so important for us to learn the right things. Aisha did a wonderful job in relating the characters to our everyday lives. I saw myself in each of the women and it highlighted what I need to work on. Being able to receive love is paramount, if you want to give it. – Chante Truscott/ CEO of Wives in Waiting



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