Speaker, author, brand developer, and Powerologist™, Aisha Curry, is quickly on the rise as one of the nation’s top advocates for women empowerment. Curry’s zeal for helping women live their most powerful life and launch successful, purposeful businesses is unmatched. She is the founder of Powerology™, a pioneering, innovative study which aims to develop and focus on the inner power of her clients.

As the founder and president of The Powerology Institute, Curry confidently affirms the success of her Institute’s courses, events, and coaching programs, assuredly equipping women to discover, develop, and boldly move forward in life and business ventures alike. Aisha firmly believes development is determined by shifting one’s mindset from powerless to powerful; from failing to thriving. Curry’s innovative, signature programs include The Powerful Brand System and The Powerful Life Formula.

In addition to being the driving force behind Powerology™, Aisha is the founder of the I’m Just Pretty™ movement. The I’m Just Pretty™ movement embodies the message of self-love and promotes open dialogue and the narrative reconstruction of colorism.

Aisha has appeared on over a dozen radio broadcast programs such as Inside Word 360, Tom Joyner, and Black Voices, to name a few. She has spoken at countless conferences including the Central California Women’s Conference and the Orlando’s Ultimate Girlfriend Experience. and has also authored three books with topics ranging from self-help to personal empowerment.

Aisha has had the privilege to live in several different countries and has traveled to nearly a dozen others. Her travel experiences and cultural adaptations have broadened her perspective on various cultures, religions, and ways of life, which have truly molded Aisha to be a delightful, worldly person to work with. Exceptional leadership, astute conflict resolution, keen strategic thinking, relentless perseverance, and faith-filled integrity are areas Curry excels, yet her passion, selflessness, and vision to assist others in reaching their highest potential in relationships, business, and in life are her greatest attributes as a nationally acclaimed life coach and Powerologist™.


Powerology™, is the new science of maximizing inner purpose, power, and confidence.


Powerology is practiced by using neurolinguistics programing and biblical truth, which empowers ones thought process and spiritual enlightenment.